3 Ways to find Serenity in your busy day


Do you know how sometimes you are looking for a moment of peace and quiet in your chaotic day? a moment to ground yourself and focus your thoughts on your current activities or environment? a moment to de-stress, take a deep breath and breath calmness? 

I'm finding that I need these moments of stillness more than ever before.  I easily get distracted and find my self disconnected and stressed. 

Over many years, I developed some techniques to keep me in the present moment and bring me to focus, ways to deal with stresses of daily life. People call that mindfulness.  I see that as praying and re-focusing my thoughts and connecting with God again. It's being mindful of my moment now, myself and God.

Some of the ways that helped me and I hope they will inspire you too are:

  • Getting creative by doing things by hand like painting, cooking, knitting, journaling .

  • Going for a walk in nature.

  • Looking at art that you connect with emotionally in a gallery, museum or your own home collection

All these activities can take few as short as you want them to be. So few moments is enough.

Creating a peaceful space of beauty in your home has become more important these days as we live in a hectic, distracted digital age where we are continuously dealing with stresses, distractions and daily demands.

 I like to call that space 'Selah' Space. It's a space to pause, connect and pray. A space to find your true-self and God again.

I have the two paintings that are in the picture above in my dining room. So whenever I sit down to eat, I intentionally look at the paintings, say a prayer and sometimes light a candle and then sit down and eat.  It's a small ritual to bring to my mind the moment I'm in. 

It helps me to focus and connect again with my self and God.

The gold, marks, circle shape and colours of blues, veils of greens, deep burgundy gives me a sense of light and joy. 

As I contemplate the painting, I receive the beauty of nature through the natural materials and the magical light that comes from genuine gold. I feel refreshed and peaceful.

I was so happy that I wasn't the only one who looks at the paintings every day and experience what I did. Here's what one of my collectors said about his recent purchase:

'Between raising teenagers and the demanding structured work schedule of a banker, I myself find solace in those paintings.   Not a day goes by that I don’t find myself intently staring at the paintings and disconnecting from the world around me.' Ramez

I’d love to know what is one way you find solace and peace in your busy day?

Have you tried art? If not, next time stand infront of a painting you love and try to look at it for a few minutes. 

Leave a comment below and let me know how does art help you to calm down and find serenity. Is it the colours, the design, the shapes…?