My paintings act as a ‘window’ to experience inner peace, healing and contemplate the beauty and mysteries of creation.

They are a reminder to be still, connect and pray

‘When contemplating Merna Liddawi’s paintings, the riches accumulated in the base elements, precious minerals, and luminous gold, similarly draws the viewer towards reflection on the alchemical, to surprise us anew, with their ephemeral, elusive surfaces and textures that hint at nature and of the mysteries of creation’. -Pamela Kember-


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Recent paintings

Recent paintings of 2018 focusing on the circle motif and geometry combining it with gold leaf and egg tempera

Emergent series

Emergent Series is about moments of sudden illumination when an idea or a though is captured and crystallised. A moment of revelation that adds beauty, a sudden realisation and new vision of something you didn't know before; something hidden waiting to be revealed.


These paintings use the motif of the circle, sacred geometry, and gold which keep appearing in my art. It's simple forms in nature and the universe; the repetition, rhythm, and symbolism of the circle. It about stopping and contemplating the simple and profound beauty around us.

Circular Series

In this series, genuine gold leaf and traditional techniques of gilding are used. The circle motif is a reminder of the sun, moon, planets, the cosmos that shines with the divine light. These paintings bring light, peace, and beauty into your home and life.

Genesis series

Genesis is the formations in creation from the Universe to the cell. It's revealing harmony in nature, in the universe and in us It uses repetition and rhythm found in nature. It' about the beginnings of life, the formation of the enormous universe and the tiny cell. There is beauty in all.

Uncreated Light

This series uses traditional techniques of gilding with genuine gold leaf of various colours. It's about the originating light, the uncreated light, that was from the beginning. It's the spiritual light that enlightens, heals and gives us inner peace.

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