What Happens When You Meditate on a Painting?


Have you had times when you wanted to do something different, something that stretches you are out of your Comfort Zone? But doubts like:

Oh why would you be good? Why would people listen to you? or why will they be interested? or what if you made a mistake?

Well, last week I stepped out and shared in an event with 3 other speakers. My title was 'Increase your well being by awe-inspiring art'. It's not the first time to speak but it's the first time with this specific subject. It was a last minute opportunity that popped out and I jumped in.  

I felt scared and excited. I spent the whole week preparing, tweaking my presentation, practicing and changing. But the result is I did it. I stepped out and faced my fears and most importantly I felt energetic and people loved it. They were inspired and felt my passion for art. It all comes down to sharing your heart and passion. The energy was felt in the room and people were engaged. There were other amazing speakers, one of them my friend Mary who is a relationship coach.  I learned so much from her about Feminine and Masculine energy. Very interesting subject.

I shared about my art journey and the elements I discovered in paintings that helped in increasing our well-being and decreasing our stress-levels.  One of these are fractals and natural materials. Here's a blog I wrote about natural materials. 

People got really engaged and experienced what art can do and learned about the beauty of awe-inspiring moments and its effect on us and our stress levels.

In the end, I lead them into a guided meditation session on my paintings. The people loved that session. It was something new that they haven't done before. I don't think many of us do it at all. 

 I helped them look at the painting and connect with it in a new way, receiving certain feelings, energy and words. Each one was totally different. It's powerful how images can speak to us on a deeper level. It's important to choose the right type of images to aid in our health and well-being. Some images disturb, confuse, sadden us while others give us joy, peace and lift our mood. 

So before you buy a painting spend some time in front of it till you sense what feelings are you getting out of it. 

Below are the two paintings people meditated on. 

genesis 1

I was amazed at the feedback from these two people after the meditation session:

 'I felt a warm sensation coming over me. I felt such warmth and I wanted to touch the painting. It looked like lovely soft wool. The guidance instructions you gave us were really helpful and helped me connect deeper with the work' Her face was lit up and booming with a big smile.

Another guy said' first I saw a typhoon then it turned into a whirlpool in a sea. I looked more and followed your guidance. The word birth same in my head. At the centre, I saw the nativity scene with Jesus in the middle. He was surrounded by celestial beings worshiping and praising' 

Wow!! I was amazed by what these two people got from an abstract painting.

Next time you look at a painting take time to stand in front of it and engage with it.

You can enjoy that simple meditation by buying the prints. With each print I will send a guided audio meditation similar to the one I lead.


I’d love to know have you ever meditated in front of a painting? I mean really looked well and let the shapes, colours, lines and textures speak to you?

What did you experience. Share your experiences below.

Oh and here’s a photo of me in action…