Every Painting is a cry for transcendence and revelation


I love this quote. It expresses what I feel like when I'm in the studio mixing colours, working with gold and getting into the creative process. 

In all my paintings I desire that my viewer will experience new revelation and will be able to see things in a new way.

It's making the invisible visible.

The way I paint requires me to slow down: making the paint with egg yolk, mixing the pigments like azurite and layering them in thin glazes. Every glaze builds upon the one before and the colours mix visually on the surface of the painting.

This is how the glazes look like after they have dried and varnished.

This painting has over 18 glazes of paint and 12 different pigments including azurite and malachite and earth pigments like golden ochre. After the glazes have dried I varnish the painting with hand made beeswax varnish to bring the luminosity of the colours. After it's finished, it looks like the huge universe in a small painting.


I called it Divine Cosmos as it reminded me of the beauty of our universe and the stamp divine love on it.

I am so pleased that the painting (diptych) is hanging proudly in a collector's home. They who fell in love with it and bought it as soon as they saw it as we wedding anniversary. What a lovely gift.

I love to work with you to paint a personal unique painting that speaks to you and adds beauty and spirituality to your space. To know more about commissions CLICK HERE.

May the Light of the resurrection shine on you this season.

Merna Liddawi