'Selah' art   

Paintings Connecting you to Divine Peace and Beauty in a World Full of Noise





My paintings are a reminder on your spiritual journey, to pause, be still and pray;

to reconnect with divine moments in your life and enjoy beauty daily.




We all have days when we are bombarded with so many decisions to make whether at work or family. So much information and pressures of life have crept into our souls.  We lost the connection with the Divine, with ourselves and with others.

We stopped living calmly and can barely experience inner peace. We don't recognise beauty within ourselves and in the world around us. 

I desire to help you create a 'Selah' space with my paintings, a space of serenity and stillness to give you more balance, peacewholeness .




Visit my portfolio of artwork. My paintings have travelled to Venice, Florence, Rome, Portugal, Malta and London. They've won several awards including the 'Lorenzo il Magnifico' award for painting at the Florence Biennale in Italy and ArtGemini painting prize in London. 


Work with me

Hi, I'm Merna Liddawi, an award-winning artist and teacher.  If you're looking for a unique painting to fit your home/office, then I'd love to work with you. 

collect art

Confidently purchase original paintings with no risk and Limited Edition Prints of museum quality.  My paintings are in private collections in Europe, UK, Middle East and the US.  

Contact me to answer any questions. 


The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls ~Picasso


'Lorenzo il Magnifico' Award

I am blessed and grateful to win this prestigious award in 2017 at 'Florence Biennale' in Italy. Out of 460 talented international artists, I got 4th place painting award.

From a math teacher with a Science degree to an Award Winning Artist with a passion for peace and beauty. How I got there.