Commission information


Project price and payment terms            

An invoice will be provided within three (3) days of project completion, before the final work is provided. A deposit of 50% is required to commence work. Final payment is required when the work is complete and before delivery.  I accept credit cards, visa cards, paypal, cheques or bank transfer 



All commission of 'Selah' paintings are based on my interpretation of our conversation during the consultation time of your spiritual moment. So no revisions or changes are included in the price.

Non- 'Selah' paintings commissions include one revision to the initial sketch and colours.  Beyond that, the cost of further adjustments can be negotiated. This way of doing business works to your advantage as well as mine in that your project is finished in a timely manner and within your budget.


Ownership of artwork/files

Upon full payment, the client shall obtain ownership of the final artwork for personal enjoyment with a Certificate of Authenticity. The purchased piece of art, as is all art by Merna Liddawi, is legally protected by British and International copyright laws and may NOT be copied and used for reproduction in ANY manner without the explicit written authorization of Merna Liddawi. 



There is no refund on all commission artwork. Once the buyer agrees and signs the commission contract then the buyer agrees to pay 50% deposit of the agreed price before commencing the painting.  The other 50% will be paid once the painting is finished and before delivery. If after the painting is finished or during the process of painting, the buyer doesn't want the painting anymore, the artist keeps the painting and the 50% non-refundable deposit paid. In the event of cancellation of the project before any work being started I will return the deposit to the client less 10%.


All correspondence and documents provided will be treated as confidential between the client Merna Liddawi, unless consent has been granted by both parties involved.

You will get a contract to sign including price, and time of delivery.