Beauty of Matter pop-up exhibition in London

Beauty to matter Exhibition.jpg

I’m excited to be an exhibiting artist at The Conference of Consciousness and Human Evolution in London this September. The conference and the exhibition will be at The Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London.

I’m looking forward to meeting speakers in the field of science, spirituality and quantum physics like Nassim Haramein, Lynne Mctaggart, Dr Joe Dispenza and Greg Braden. While studying for my physics degree back in the early 90’s, I was intrigued by the concept of the infinite as well as the beauty of the universe and the human condition. I would sit doodling and imagining how small a proton is compared with the size of the universe and admiring the wisdom, creativity and infinite nature of God.

I saw beauty and mystery in creation and it strengthened my faith in God.

The years I spent studying science influenced my art. My paintings are a way for me to communicate the nature of the invisible world whether on the microscopic or macro cosmos level. I see beauty in repetition, rhythm, geometry, mystery and the infinite space we live in.


So my paintings is where Science, Spirituality, Beauty, Light and Mystery meet.