'Divine Illumination', the Divine Light from Heaven

Divine Illumination Series

divine illumination.jpg

I'm excited to share with you my new series of 3 paintings named 'Divine Illumination'.

I also wanted to share with you a short reflection about these paintings.

As I was going through my files, I found my thesis for my MFA that I wrote 2 years ago exploring light in art and Orthodox theology. I want to share this part as it's relevant to the season of light and resurrection we are in according to the Eastern Church. 

While doing my MFA I researched light and found that light has fascinated artists for centuries. From the icon painters to the middle ages with their use of gold and pure colour pigments to artist such as Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Turner, whose main concern in painting was depicting light, until our contemporary time where artists are still occupied with light in painting. 

Kandinsky experienced ‘sudden illumination resembling a flash of lightning’.  I wonder what that was all about. I think it's a DIVINE ILLUMINATION from Heaven. It’s the light of Creation, the Divine Light that has no beginning or end. That's what I called my new series of 3 paintings, Divine Illumination.

As a matter of fact one of the main themes of whole practice and paintings is Light. The Divine, unseen light that is beyond our physical world but is manifested in the physical world through nature’s elements such as such as genuine gold, mineral pigments like the azurite crystals and malachite. These all are important part of my paintings to reveal the Divine Light.

One way to Increase the energy in your space whether home, office is by displaying art that is created using natural elements that reflect the Divine light and elevate your soul to another dimension of light and love.

23.5 ct gold leaf, Lemon and White gold leaf, egg tempera, bole, true gesso on birch plywood

23.5 ct gold leaf, Lemon and White gold leaf, egg tempera, bole, true gesso on birch plywood

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