White Light 2

White Light 2


Genuine lemon and white gold leaf, bole, true gesso on birch plywood

Size: 40 H x 30.5 W or 15.7 x 12 in

This painting is painted using the same techniques shown in the video and on the process page. It’s painted on birch plywood of 1.5 cm thickness. The plywood is protected by scrim/silk cloth then layered with minimum of 7 layers of true gesso made in my studio. Bole (clay) is then layered and genuine gold leaf is layered on top using Italian techniques of gilding. The gold is then burnished using agate stone to achieve reflective surface in certain areas. The edges of the painting are slightly hand sanded to give a rounded effect to the painting.

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The painting is signed and dated at the back. It is ready to be hung using a nail that is included with the painting.

All paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity and instructions of how best to hang.

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