Emergent Inspiration

Inspiration Behind Emergent

Emergent Series is about stopping, pausing and noticing the lovely things around us. It's when we dig deeper that we are able to see the beauty in the universe.

The painting has delicate organic marks that force you to stop, look closely and get intimate. 

It is a reminder that we all need to stop, pause and clam ourselves on a daily basis. This will help us to refocus and see what is important. 

What is Gesso?

I make my paintings materials. Gesso is a mix of chalk and rabbit skin glue. It's used by old masters as a ground for the painting.  All my paintings are made with gesso that I make in my studio. It's a process that requires me to slow down and not rush things. Each painting has a minimum of 7 layers of gesso that is sanded down smoothly to a ceramic-like finish. 

I had hands all over the surface of the paintings mistaking them for ceramic or marble!

Merna Liddawi