I love helping artists realise their creative potential and encourage them to experiment freely. All my breakthroughs came when I embrace accidents and trusted my intuition. I will help you become confident, to trust your intuition and discover the artist within. I have over 15 years of teaching experience and got an adult education teaching qualification.

This was a brilliant course. I’m a better painter as a result of doing this course. I was stuck with my limited style and this opened up so many possibilities to take my paintings forward. I’m not afraid to get out of my box and experiment more.
— Kate

Gesso Making: Secret recipe of the old masters

The course will cover the process of making gesso panels using 15th century techniques as used by Cennino Cennini in 'The Craftsman handbook'.  We will learn how to size, prime and gesso the panels.  It’s an amazing forgotten medium that doesn’t compare to the shop bought gesso. The panels will be suitable for various painting mediums: acrylic, egg tempera, water colour, inks and oils. This course will focus on producing a white smooth surface that is suitable various painting and drawing techniques.

‘I am amazed by how smooth the true gesso surface can get.It’s unlike anything else’ Alyson

It’s a one day workshop from my studio to explore this amazing forgotten medium.

Spaces limited to 5

Contact me to let you know the next available dates.

Surface texture and mark making

The is a follow on course where we will be exploring all the different textures you can make with gesso using un-conventional tools. It’s a fun course where you are encouraged to explore, be free, experiment and build a samples of all different textures that will change the surface. Students found this course eye opening and so freeing to explore the surface and texture. It helped them expand their vocabulary to find their style.

Spaces limited to 5

Contact me to let you know the next available dates.