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'Selah' painting


'Selah' painting is a unique abstract painting that will be a reminder of a spiritual moment in your life

It is NOT just a painting to add beauty and colour to your space but a visual mantra to help you stop, pause, connect and pray.

Every time you feel distracted, out of balance, stressed and in need of anchoring, you have your painting as a 'window' into your spiritual moments you experienced over the journey of you life.  These moments could be 

 a moment where you felt connected to God, the Universe or Higher Power.

a moment where you felt there is something that is beyond you, a mystery, you are not quite sure how to put it in words.

a moment of deep love that you knew came beyond your normal capacity to love

or a dream that spoke deeply to your soul



If you experienced one or more of these moments and would like a constant visual reminder in a painting, then I'd love to work with you. 

I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

Email me or schedule FREE non-obligation 15 min clarity call.   If we agree this is a ‘fit’ for both of us then we will set up 45 min consultation session.  

During the 45 min consultation call I will ask you questions to help both of us find and connect with your ‘Selah’ moment. I will guide you through a short visualization to experience the feeling from your moment and what made it special for you.  I'd also like to know what paintings form my gallery made you fell at peace most. During the process of painting I hold your spiritual moment, our conversation and your feelings with me in the studio along with any quote or verse you have that express that moment. 

 Once the painting is finished we will meet again over Skype or in my studio for the reveal. You will get images of the process of the painting delivered to your inbox after completion and a Certificate of Authenticity for your unique painting signed and dated by me.



 Size:                           Price:

18 x 14.5 x 1.5 cm      £480

30 x 22 x 1.5 cm          £830

(The price includes consultation time, portfolio of images in process, and finished painting) 

Larger paintings are available on request.

The painting will be on birch plywood using my signature technique that won me 'Lorenzo il Magnifico' painting award at Florence Biennale.


Liked a painting but want different size?

Is there a painting you liked in the gallery and want it in a different size?  Are you an interior designer working on a project and need that perfect painting for a certain space?
Contact me to discuss your needs and see how I can help.


You can’t imagine how happy I am to have found you and your work. I love to look at your gallery every morning when I wake up. In all honesty, I was in a sad and low mood the day we met in Rome at the Artrooms exhibition. But when I decided to buy your work Orbit diptych, I was filled with great joy. The painting gives me a strange and wonderful sensation of comfort in my sad days. I love it.
— Alessia Catalani: Rome, Italy
I’m so thrilled with your artwork Divine Light. It was lovely to come to your studio and see it there. I believe that this work is part of the many beautiful changes that have occurred into my life. The gold reminds me of the sun; there is always light in my house. The work is so much better in real life especially with the gold and the reflection of light on it. Thank you for the lovely prayer you sent me with the painting. Your painting is a light in my spiritual path.
— Melody Toering, Netherlands
The painting talked to me deeply. I fell in love with is as soon as I saw it online and decided to buy it without seeing it in real life. When I received it, it was much better than how it looked. I love it. The incomplete circle reminds me of our humanity. No one is a perfect circle. We all have missing bits, yet there is beauty in the incomplete and broken.
— Linda Jones: Scotland, UK
I’m in love with the painting ‘Uncreated light’, the genuine gold leaf is striking and exceptionally beautiful. I find your work very calming which I never expected. I find the attention to detail in the painting is very pleasing. Every time I look at it I discover something new as if every day I have a new painting.
I loved working with you. It’s been a delightful experience. Your positive outlook on life and your joy really shine through your painting.
— Andrew, Bath, UK