Heaven & Earth 3 Deposit

Heaven & Earth 3 Deposit


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Deposit £ 672

Part of the Heaven & Earth series. This painting has delicate colourful marks coming through the white veil. The gestures can be seen in areas then slightly obscured underneath the transparent gesso. It’s a play between the visible and the invisible, and areas of quietness. It’s a painting of playful interaction between colours and different gestures. The tiny gold marks catch the light and gives a sense of illumination.

23.5 ct gold leaf, egg tempera, bole, true gesso on wood, 2018

Size: 56W x 66H cm 22 x 26 in

The original painting is on 5 cm deep wood panel. The sides of the painting are white and it is ready to hang. The work is signed at the front and at the back.

All paintings come with Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

All paintings ship out of Liddawi studio in Worthing, West Sussex.

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