Why use unusual mediums to paint?

I use the medium of egg tempera, encaustic and traditional Italian gilding. I make my own painting mediums as well as gesso which I call true gesso. I DON'T use oils or acrylics. I like the purity of basic materials. You can liken my materials to cooking organic healthy food. The ingredients are simple but the process is long and the result is better; It's healthier with no additives and only the pure stuff goes into your body. All my materials are pure so there are no additives or fillers just simple pigment and binding medium. Only the pure stuff goes into your soul.  It's environmentally friendly, so no harsh vapours or white spirit.  


Why an egg? 

When pigment mixes with egg it's called egg tempera.  Egg is a very strong binder. Imaging what would happen if you leave an egg yolk on plate for a week. You will find it very difficult to clean it up. It has a natural binding material. Nature has given us everything even painting materials. 


How durable are the paintings?

 Egg tempera and encaustic are the most durable of the painting mediums.  They have been often said to date back to ancient Egypt. Early Egyptian art such as Fayum portraits used encaustic and egg tempera and can be seen in the British Museum.  Early 1400 Italian artist used egg tempera as the main form of painting as well as gilding.   If you've seen paintings by Italian artists such as Botticelli, Fra Angelico and Piero Della Francesca, they all used egg tempera; their paintings have lasted hundred of years. My paintings are on birch plywood that has been prepared for durability. The colours don't change and do not yellow over time.  


Where did you learn your techniques?

I went on several top quality courses in London who specialize in gilding and working with gold. I also was taught by well-respected craftsmen who specialize in icon painting and manuscripts illumination. Also, I spent many years during my BA and MFA experimenting and honing my craft.


What type of gold do you use? Is it real?

First yes it’s real gold. I use 23.5 ct gold that is unchangeable. It's real gold made into thin leaves for making it suitable to work with. I also use other colours of gold that has other metals added to it. I don't use any Dutch Metal gold leaf. Only the real stuff used by restorers. The gold comes in gold leaf that I gild using Italian techniques.  Other gold colours such as white and lemon gold are all varnished for protection from oxidisation and to maintain same colour. See the video to learn more.


How do I care for my paintings?

Always keep the paintings away from strong, direct sunlight as this may alter the colour over a long time. Also keep them away from high humid spaces.  You can gently dust them with a lint-free dry cloth as needed


How do I hang my painting? 

Each painting has a simple hanging system at the back. All you need is a nail in the wall and just pop on the painting.


Do you sign you work?

Yes all my work is signed at the back with title and date of creation.


Are the paintings framed?

No the painting is ready to hang without a frame. The rounded edges and the thick birch plywood makes it a complete piece. However I understand that you may want it framed for specific reason. I do not offer framing services. Any local framer can do the job. Some of the paintings that are more than one piece are framed. I note that in my shop.


Where can I see your paintings?

I take part in art fairs in UK and Europe. I also have Open Studio events. Join my ML Art Insider newsletter to stay updated of any exhibitions and news.


What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

It’s a certificate you receive with the painting that guarantees the provenance of your painting and its collectible and insurable value. It must have details of the original work of art, you contact information and the artists’ signature and date.


What if I buy the painting then change my mind?

Don’t worry I’m confident that you will love my work so I’m giving you 21 Days Money back guarantee. Just return the painting in its original packaging and I will refund you the amount. See Shipping and Returns


What is a art commission?

It's hiring me to have a specific painting painted for you. I offer also 'Selah' paintings a specific painting as a reminder of your spiritual moment.  When commissioning me you are required to pay 50% deposit before the start of the painting, then the rest of the payment when the painting is finished. See shipping and Returns


What does “© All rights reserved” mean?

It means that Merna Liddawi is the sole legal owner of her intellectual property and she reserves all of her rights. See Copyright.